Make unlimited Whatsapp account from this trick.

Make unlimited Whatsapp account from a simple trick. We are not teaching any hacking trick in this post. This post is about a simple method of creating an unlimited WhatsApp account

How to make unlimited WhatsApp account -

Very simple trick. We need an unlimited working phone no. and if you don't know how to get the unlimited phone no. then just click this link.

WARNING - Before learning this trick, you will need to learn how to get a fake phone number from the above link 

How to create unlimited Whatsapp Account -

Follow these steps carefully. All steps are very easy. Make sure that you learned how to get the working phone no. before using this trick. Read carefully to understand everything

Steps - 

1- Open the Whatsapp app.

2- Enter a fake phone number now. (If you do not know how to get a fake phone number, click it)

3- Now Whatsapp sends you text messages, but this time you have to choose to Call me button.

4- Whatsapp now calls you on your 2ndline app.

5- And enter the verification code on the Whatsapp app.

6- Now you are able to create a Whatsapp fake account.

Just repeat this step with different phone no. and different Whatsapp app like WHATSAPP GB and parallel WhatsApp. And CREATE UNLIMITED WHATSAPP ACCOUNT.

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Thanks for reading -

Article = How to create unlimited WhatsApp account

App uses - Whatsapp app and 2ndline app.

Working - true 100%

Article refer = How to get the unlimited working phone no.

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